Terms and Conditions

(1)    PRICE

All prices are quoted in US dollars and cents.

Prices in our price list are floating prices, which correspond to changes in currency as well as market variations. Prices will be updated as frequently as required.

(2)    PACKING

All fishes are packed in individual plastic bags and placed in polystyrene foam box inside a corrugated carton.  The Packing Charge per standard box is USD $15; USD$18 for standard boxes with heat packs; and, USD$25 for shark boxes.




Average Weight

Standard Box

40 x 40 x 46 cms.

13-15 Kgs.

Shark Box


74-78 Kgs.




The packing densities listed on the species list are only indications for fishes packed to endure a normal transit time of 24 hours. We may alter packing density according to the prevailing situations at the time of packing in order to minimize possibilities of DOA (Death On Arrival) while keeping an eye on the absolute need to economize on freight charges; and, to give allowance to sensitivity of the fish being shipped. Buyers will bear full responsibility for DOA’s when they make requests for fixed density packing.


The Documentation and Handling Fee is USD$90 per shipment.

Standard documentation that accompanies the shipment is listed below.  Should you need other documents, please advice us at the point of purchase to avoid any delays in the shipment.

·       Export Declaration

·       Commodity Clearance

·       BFAR Health Certificate



Delivery shall be made within 7 working days from receipt of order and payment. This is to allow time for conditioning the fish for export and preparation of necessary documents. Delivery is also subject to the airlines approval of shipping space and the customer acceptance confirmation of the shipment.


We guarantee that every fish that comes from our facility is sent healthy and in accordance to international standards. Under normal shipping conditions our delivery performance has shown more than 95% live deliveries. If the fishes do not arrive alive or if they die within 24 hours after receiving them at the airport, we will replace them for free on your next order, provided that you had taken special care in picking them up on time and have acclimated them properly.  DOA reports and pictures must be sent to us within 24 hours after arrival of the fishes. (Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping or applicable packing charge.)

In the event of airline flight delays or mishandling, losses shall be shared on a 50-50 basis.



In addition to the airline freight charge, most carriers may charge the following

·       Airline Fuel Surcharge

·       Security Surcharge

·       Veterinary Fee (for Lufthansa only)



All payments are to be made via telegraphic transfer to the depository bank of Aquarium Habitat Enterprises.

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